by Gardhen Bilance

The ANATOMICAL armchairs are unique, most of all for their strong antimicrobial HPL surfaces. This is a fully cleanable surface with a comfortable, easily removable cushions.

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Safety Design Multipurpose Hygienic Adjustable Support
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Gardhen Bilance

This manufacturer understands that patients come in different sizes and shapes and have different needs.

Their products are primarily destined to dialysis, an area in which the patients have to follow long and frequent treatments and where nurses have to intervene often to prepare the patient, the machinery, make adjustments, help relieve a cramp etc.

GardhenBilance chairs provides the patients with a very high level of comfort during the long treatments and gives them the freedom to adjust their positioning with a simple touch on the remote control.

The chairs, when fitted with the proper options, will help prevent back problems for the nurses by bringing the patient up to their working height so that they keep a comfortable straight back attitude while preparing them for dialysis.

Available in 4 different sizes and adaptable with dozens of options, there is a GardhenBilance chair that can be made to fit your needs.