Phlebotomy chairs

  • Various armrests, from fixed angle to fully adjustable.
  • Phlebotomy chairs that fit into small spaces.
  • Chairs with Trendelenburg position. For situations where blood must flow to the head quickly.
  • Side chairs for the phlebotomy nurse.



This ergonomically designed and lightweight phlebotomy chair offers excellent maneuverability to facilitate daily usage and comfort.

  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • Footrests made out of a dense and light material, retractable to ease maneuvers.
  • A central brake for the rear wheels.
  • A seat in polypropylene for more comfort, covered in polyurethane for easy cleaning.
  • An adjustable backrest made out of polypropylene for more comfort and security.
  • An adjustable headrest.
  • An adjustable and removable IV pole.

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Vena Vario

A comfortable phlebotomy chair which can be simply transformed in an instant into a ‘’Trendelenburg” position when the patient feels unwell. At the same time as tilting the back. The leg rest rises up. Get up brackets are optional but make life easier for elderly patients. This phlebotomy chair can additionally be fitted with castors equipped with a brake.

  • Protective glides
  • Provided with legrest
  • 4-Foot steel base. Grey
  • Fixed seat height: 46 cm
  • Including 2 armrest M PU fixed

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Vena Hydro

While the patient sits in the chair, it can be raised to the desired height with the hydraulic height adjustment system. Especially for elderly patients, this can make it easier to get in and out of the chair. This phlebotomy chair can additionally be fitted with wheels and a brake. Optional are the adjustable armrests M PU.

  • Trumpet glides
  • Aluminium base 0 70 cm
  • HydrauJic height adjustment 45-62 cm
  • Backrest can be tipped up to 30°
  • Gaslift with rotation lock
  • Including 2 armrests M PU fixed

blood drawing chairs montreal

Vena standard

The basic model from our phlebotomy chair series can be used practically anywhere given its compact design.

  • Height adjustment 44 – 57 cm
  • Trumpet glides
  • Aluminium base ꬾ 60 cm
  • Including 1 armrest M PU fixed
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